Grúska Babúska is a 4-piece all female band, with an electronic, melodic, acoustic, and twisted Icelandic folk fairytale sound. 


The band was originally founded in 2011 by Arndís, Harpa and Guðrún Birna. Dísa joined the group in 2012, adding drums and percussion to the the other instruments, which are flute, ukulele, synths, keyboard, guitar, melodica, musicbox and beats. Björk has also recently joined the band, adding visually hypnotic electronics and vibes as well as base guitar. Íris joined the band in 2016 bringing a breath of fresh voice and electronics. Amelia Thomas performed her brass extravaganza with the band at Airwaves 2017, and Erla Stefánsdóttir joined the band in 2018, adding much wanted base and goth vibes. Nowadays Grúska Babúska performers are mostly four - Dísa, Erla, Harpa and Íris. 


Grúska Babúska released their debut album in March 2013 with the UK label Static Caravan, on a usb babusckha doll. The songs are all written in Icelandic, co-produced by Mike Lindsay (Tunng, Cheek Mountain Thief) and mixed at Greenhouse studios in Iceland (Sam Amidon, Paul Evans and more).


At Iceland Airwaves in 2013, they released their B-sides in wooden babushkas containing an online code to 4 songs.  

In 2015 Grúska Babúska released their 5 video series, where each single came with a video, all directed by female filma makers and artists. 

In September 2018 Grúska Babúska released their album TOR, via Möller records. The album was mostly written and recorded in Glastonbury town, UK, in the fall of 2016. All additional recordings and production was done in Iceland, with the help of Stefán Örn, studio Bambus. 

Grúska Babúska music has been described to range from the Notwist to old Icelandic folk rhymes to 70´s children´s TV music, and also from Múm meets the Knife.…. Well, or simply like the most common description: it can´t really be placed anywhere.


Grúska Babúska has performed at numerous shows in Iceland, where they focus on putting up their own shows in inspiring spaces and places in and around Reykjavík, such as Laugarnestangi, the old Salt fishing factory in Grandi and in Nauthólsvík. The band has also played Iceland Airwaves music festival in Reykjavík several years in a row, at Secret Stolstice festival in Reykjavík and toured in the UK a few times. 

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