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Our new album, TOR, is out via Möller records! 

Tor is influenced by the mystical sounds of Glastonbury, a remote town in Somerset, in the SouthEastern part of England. Glastonbury is surrounded with goddesses, landscape Zodiacs, ancient myths, holy relics and heroic legends - dating back to the middle ages. The holy Glastonbury Tor was a center for pilgrimage, and has been associated with the Avalon, and identified with King Arthur and the holy grail. 

Tor was mostly written in Glastonbury, during a week long residency in 2016. The tunes were then recorded and produced in various remote parts of Iceland, and finally finished off in Harpa´s studio, as well as in Studio Bambus with Stefán. The soundscape consists of mystical sounds, dreamy mantra vibes, tweaky beats and heavy synths with a touch of Grúska Babúska´s signature wonky soundscapes.. The lyrics are in Icelandic and orchestrate the stuckness of the past, new life and death, regrets and it´s healings, mindfulness and a deep longing for the now.


released September 1, 2018 

All tracks written & produced by: Grúska Babúska
Additional recordings and mixing by: Stefán Örn Gunnlaugsson, Studio Bambus
Mastered by: Árni Grétar
Artwork by: Skaði Þórðardóttir 
(c) Möller Records 2018 - all rights reserved

Grúska Babúska 2019

*Grúska Babúska with Mimra

Gaukurinn 3 April 2019

*Grúska Babúska Andrea Jóns tribute 

Dillon 4-7 April 2019

*Grúska Babúska release concert TOR

Dillon 3 May 2019

*Secret Solstice Festival 2019

21- 23 June 2019 



​Grúska Babúska plays Airwaves 2016 - see you there!

Gaukurinn. 30th October kl. 21.00 (pre-airwaves)
Iðnó. 4. nóvember kl: 20.50 (On Venue)
Bar 11. 5. nóvember kl: 15.00 (Off Venue)
Dillon. 6. nóvember kl: 16.45 (Off Venue)


Music residency in Glastonbury and a UK tour 

We are going to Glastonbury town, for a music writing residency in October! 

For the occasion we´ll play a few shows around there... We can´t wait to stay in one of our most favourite towns, surrounded by magic, goddesses and other beautiful people ♥ ♥ ♥

Grúska Babúska on TOUR - UK - OCTOBER 2016

Sunday 16th of October – Glastonbury – The King Arthur (with Jennifer Bliss Bennett)
Monday the 17th of October – Bristol – The Crofters Rights(with Protest Crayon)
Wednesday the 19th of October – Bath - The Bell Inn(supporting The Duckworths)
Thursday the 20th of October – Brighton - The Greys Pub

MAY 2016

​Grúska Babúska live in Iceland 

We are playing numorous of show these days in Reykjavík, and all the rock n roll venues! THIS WILL BE A BLAST! :D - please make sure to check them out! FREE ENTRY TO ALL THE SHOWS, and they all start at 22.00

Friday the 10th of June  - Bar 11 (with Bláskjár and ÍRiS)

Thursday the 30th June - Dillon, Reykjavík (with Sacha Bernardsen)

Saturday the 9th of July - Gaukurinn, Reykjavík (with Suspirea) 




​Grúska Babúska on tour UK 

We are going on tour! To the UK in March 2016. 


Wednesday the 16th March  - Buffalo bar, Cardiff

Thursday the 17th March - Start the Bus, Bristol

Saturday the 19th March - The Exchange, Bristol

Sunday the 20th March - The King Arthurs pub, Glastonbury

Monday the 21st March - Crofters, Bristol




​Grúska Babúska plays Airwaves 2015 - see you there!

We are playing Iceland Airwaves on Saturday the 7th of November at Iðnó at 10.10. We also have 2 off venue shows:


Tue 3 Nov - 22.30 at Dillon
Wed 4 Nov - 18.00 at Bar 11

October 2015

​Grúska Babúska releases a new single! - RADDATAKTUR

On 3rd of November we released our new single, Brokk!

Music by Grúska Babúska, co-produced by Daði Birgisson. Video by Þórunn Ylfa Brynjólfsdóttir. Single released by Grúska Babúska and Synthadelia Records, Reykjavík, 6th of August 2015. 

October 2015

​Grúska Babúska releases a new single! - BROKK

On 22nd of October we released our new single, Brokk!

Music by Grúska Babúska, with a vocal input from ÍRiS,, co-produced by Daði Birgisson. Video by Kristín Helga Karlsdóttir. Single released by Grúska Babúska and Synthadelia Records, Reykjavík, 6th of August 2015. 

August 2015

​Grúska Babúska releases a new single! - GRÚSKUVALS

On 6th of August we released our new single, Grúskuvals!

Music by Grúska Babúska, with a vocal input from ÍRiS,, co-produced by Daði Birgisson. Video by Orange ‘Ear,, co-directed by Harpa Fönn Sigurjónsdóttir, camera assistant Carolina Salas.Single released by Grúska Babúska and Synthadelia Records, Reykjavík, 6th of August 2015. 

JULY 2015

​Grúska Babúska releases a new single! - FRAM

On 16th of July we released our new single, Fram!


Fram is written by Grúska Babúska, Video by Björk Viggósdóttir, Co-Produced by Daði Birgisson, Released by Synthadelia Records 2015:


​Grúska Babúska releases a new single! - ÞJÓÐLAGIÐ

We are so happy to share with you our new newsletter, as today, 6th of September 2014, we are releasing our single, Þjóðlagið! 



The single was recorded in a studio in Grandi, Reykjavík, in April this year, mixed and mastered by Mike Lindsay. 



A beautiful video was made by Jess Swainson and was released the same day and is accessible here: and here:


​Grúska Babúska plays Airwaves 2013 - see you there!

We are playing Iceland Airwaves on Wednesday the 30th of October at Harlem Venue at 20.50. We also have 4 off venue shows:


Thu 31 Oct - 13.00 at the Nordic House
Fri 1 Nov - 19.00 at Hlemmur Square
Sat 2 Nov - 18.00 at Bar 11
Sun 3 Nov - 14.30 at Skuggabar

JUNE 2013 

​A new album in the making!

At the moment 10 tunes are being written, arranged and sung and played on. We went to a summer cabin for some days and wrote a bunch of wonky sounds and beats and melodies, which have now resulted in 10 new songs!!! At the end of this month we´ll be going to the studio of Hljóðheimar:, to record the first song from this new experience. And believe you us - these new songs are even more cooler - more mature, more fixed and more confident, then our last album. Wow, it´s going to something else!... That´s for sure:)

JUNE 2013  

​Grúska Babúska Newsletters

Grúska Babúska release newsletters every couple of months. Please have a read through them here! Enjoy!  



​Grúska Babúska on TOUR!

Grúska Babúska will be going on tour in April! Dates and venues are all announced here to the right and more detailed here


​Grúska Babúska debut album release

Grúska Babúska is releasing their debut album on 1st of April 2013 with the UK label Static Caravan. Static Caravan has released albums by Hannah Peel, Goodnight Lenin, Erland & The Carnival, David Thomas Broughton and more - or 257 releases in total. Grúska Babúska´s songs are all sung in Icelandic and recorded in Iceland - co- produced by Mike Lindsay and mixed in Greenhouse studios in Reykjavík. An online release will follow on the 14th of April.

JANUARY 1st   

We´re online!

This is the new webiste for the Icelandic 4 piece all female band, Grúska Babúska. We hope you had a nice stay on our site, enjoyed our music and will visit us soon again! Please contact us with any questions - wheather you wanna know about the future (we here in Iceland are elves you see, and can predict the future) or if you just wanna have a chat and meet 4 amazing Icelandic musicians!!! xxx